Superior cooling with Alexicool-treated pillows

24.04.2018 The specialist for high-tech coating, Alexium International Group Ltd., Perth/Australia, has developed an innovative thermal analytical testing methodology that allows for the scientific evaluation of the cooling capacity for phase change material (PCM) products as used on pillows and other bedding industry fabrics.

Alexium Alexicool chart
© Photo: Alexium
Alexium Alexicool chart

The sleep industry is currently a US$ 50 billion market that is anticipated to grow at a 6.5 % rate over the next 5 years.

One of the more popular innovations in this fast-growing market has been the emergence of PCM which, when applied to mattresses, pillows, and other bedding products, creates a “cool to the touch” sensation by drawing body heat away from the material surface and “trapping” it inside microscopic shells. The result is pillows, mattresses and “toppers” that remain cool and comfortable for an extended period, allowing for healthier sleep.

Alexium developed a testing protocol using a standard industry tool to quantify the cooling capacity, or enthalpic cooling, of PCM products when applied to pillows and other bedding fabrics. As a result, using this testing protocol, pillows treated with Alexium’s Alexicool PCM solution were shown to deliver over 500 % greater cooling capacity than commercially available pillows treated with other PCM products.