Fusing natural cotton with copper compound

05.02.2018 Cotton is one of the most popular natural fibers used in the world today. The CottonX technology by Argaman Technologies Ltd., Jerusalem/Israel, allows cotton fibers to be infused with various compounds, turning them into active smart fibers without losing the natural attributes of cotton.

© Picture: Alexander Raths - Fotolia

CottonX patented technology was designed as an innovative form of cotton fiber treatment that seamlessly integrates with the standard process of cotton spinning. It is a novel and unique industrial method for the impregnation of cotton fibers with different particles. Small particles are blasted into fibers using the energy of sound waves.

Fusing 100 % natural cotton with a copper compound provides skin care and protection: boosting textiles with CottonX turns passive fabrics into active fabrics, working to enhance the appearance of the skin while providing therapeutic and deodorizing capabilities. These fibers may be blended with regular cotton or synthetics and may be dyed and treated using standard procedures.