Dornbirn GFC
Rebranding of the Dornbirn Man-Made Fibers Congress

10.04.2018 The internationalization of the Dornbirn Man-Made Fibers Conference is continuing, and in the future, natural fibers will also be incorporated. The event will be rebranded: Dornbirn-MFC will now become Dornbirn-GFC (Dornbirn Global Fiber Congress). The 57th Dornbirn-GFC will take place from September 21-14, 2018 in Dornbirn/Austria with more than 100 lectures from academic research and industry.

Dornbirn GFC 17
© Photo: Dornbirn GFC
Dornbirn GFC 17

Sustainable innovations is the main topic of the congress. The European-influenced platform for the fiber industry and the downstream production stages acts as an idea and network generator.

Visitors from more than 70 new companies were registered in 2017. Overall, more than 700 participants from 30 nations visited the event (80 % from Europe, 15 % from Asia, 5 % from the Americas). In 2018 delegations from Asia and the USA have confirmed their participation.