Animal-free down feather material

21.08.2019 The supplier of thermal insulation products, Heat-MX worldwide, Laval/Canada, will launch a new technology, nDown, during the trade fair Preview in Seoul from August 28-30, 2019 in Seoul/Korea.

© Photo: Heat-MX
This technology enables a wide range of products to be created, such as garments, home textiles, sleeping bags, etc., with the look and feel of equivalent products containing natural down feather material without using any animal-based ingredients. It also provides other benefits for consumers such as ease of maintenance (easy home wash, no dry cleaning necessary), no odor, durability, etc., while helping lower the cost of manufacturing.
nDown addresses a strong trend in animal protection as well as environmental benefits, 2 of the most significant trends in the global textile industry. There are many products in the market that try to mimic the performance of down feather such as batted nonwovens, loose polyester fibers, fiber-balls, etc. However, these man-made products fall invariably short in performance in several key aspects, e.g. warmth/weight ratio, volume recovery, filler-clumping after wash, etc., when compared with high quality down feather material in its optimum state. In addition, the affinity of natural down feather material to moisture and sweat, thus creating fertile ground for bacterial growth, makes it impractical to use it for products subject to high level of activities, e.g. outdoors, sportswear, military, etc.
The non-animal-based nDown technology not only overcomes all these limitations but also offers many other environmental and performance benefits.