Infinite possibilities for wearable solutions

28.08.2019 The producer of advanced fibers and composites, Teijin Ltd., Tokyo/Japan, promotes the development of wearable devices by integrating highly functional materials and sensing technologies.

© Photo: Teijin
Coaching wear provides image data by visualizing the difference between the actual motion of wearers and their ideal motions. It is a combination of motion sensing technology and Teijin’s ultra-fine polyester nanofiber Nanofront, which has highly slip resistant property and strong compression. Vital sensing wear facilitates sustainable and highly accurate sensing of the heart's electrical activity, heart rates and activity levels. It combines Nanofront fiber with vital-sign sensing technology.
Soft and flexible piezoelectric braided cords enable the sensors to be fashioned in a wide variety of thicknesses, lengths and shapes. A sensor detects user’s motions, e.g. contact area of football boots or a tennis racquet with the ball. The wearable electrode textiles enable rapid, accurate 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) measurements. The wearable ECG-textile follows the guidelines on the strip e-textile to the patient’s chest (size S, M, L and LL) to wrap around without adjustment for electrode.
This smart device and mobile app 2breathe relieves pre-sleep tension and nighttime wake up issues. The vertical movement of abdomen is detected by this small device which sends the data to smartphone via Bluetooth, and the app converts to the sound. It helps to reduce the neural sympathetic activity by relaxing mind and body when breath is synchronized to the sounds.
The smart firefighter’s uniform predicts risk of heatstroke by estimating deep body temperature. The device installed in this uniform monitors the temperature and precise position of firefighters and transmits the resulting data in real time to management systems at the scenes of fires and to firefighting headquarters, where it can be analyzed to accurately estimate deep body temperature and thereby ensuring safety. The uniform is made by heat-resistant, flame-retardant Teijinconex meta-aramid fiber and high-tenacity Technora para-aramid fiber. The card case-sized sensing device was developed by Teijin’s IT business, using impact-resistant polycarbonate resin Panlite.