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Permanently UV-stabilized PET filament yarn

23.04.2019 At Techtextil, the producer of high-tenacity polyester filament yarns for technical textiles The FilamentFactory (TFF) GmbH, Bad Hersfeld/Germany, will introduce a new product line with permanently UV-stabilized polyester (PET) high-strength multifilament yarns.

© Photo: the FilamentFactory
The Yarns is characterized by very good UV properties are achieved by addition of a tailor-made masterbatch during the extrusion process. The additive is physically-mechanically bonded to the polymer and is therefore inherent.
Having performed multiple exposure tests according to PV1303 (based on DIN 75202/ISO 105B06 with an irradiance of 420 nm, 1.2W/m²) results clearly show that the new UV-stabilized PET multifilament yarns, after the same exposure time, have 120% more residual strength than the standard polyester high-strength multifilament yarn without the UV stabilizer. With black-colored multifilament yarn, the residual strength increases by a further 20%.
The weathering simulation tests according to DIN/EN ISO 4892 (Artificial Irradiation or Weathering in Equipment - Xenon Arc Lamps - Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources - Xenon-arc lamps) make the differences even clearer: 60% higher residual strength compared to non UV-stabilized PET yarn.
The properties of the new functional high-performance multifilament yarns are clearly superior to the current UV-stabilized filament yarns. Strengths of 60 cN/tex at an elongation at break of 20.0% and free shrinkage values (180°C; 15min) of 1.3% are achieved, making it possible to manufacture textiles with special properties. In addition, individual customer demands can be tailor-made.
Due to the 2-stage manufacturing process, the properties such as shrinkage, specific strength/stretch are extremely constant.
Thanks to its unique molecular structure, 710UV shows significantly lower strength loss than conventional UV-stabilized polyester yarns.
In contrast to topically applied UV treatments, 710UV PET has an inherent protection that does not wash off or degrade over time.
These new PET high-strength filament yarns can be used, for example, in textile architecture, tents, silos, tarpaulins, aerospace, automotive, or outdoor/indoor sun protection.
The new yarn family will be available in titers from 76 dtex up to 6600 dtex and, if required, will also be available with S or Z twist from 60-300 twists/min.