Teijin Aramid
Increase of Twaron aramid yarn capacity by 25 %

02.01.2018 The high-performance fiber producer Teijin Aramid BV, Arnhem/Netherlands, intends to increase the production capacity for its Twaron aramid fiber by more than 25 %. This additional capacity will become available within the next 5 years.

Teijin Aramid Twaron
© Photo: Teijin
Teijin Aramid Twaron

Growing the aramid business is one of the Teijin Group's key strategies, with an expected growth rate of 8 % per year. Teijin Aramid aims to capture a substantial part of the global market growth, which should eventually lead to a future market share bigger than 50 %.

Several substantial investments are planned to increase production capacity which includes implementing the latest technology.

As a first step, Teijin Aramid is currently implementing a new spinning technology at its Twaron facility in Emmen/Netherlands. The extra capacity of that investment will become available as of May 2018.