ITA Augsburg
Thermoplastic composites research consortium

31.07.2018 The industry’s first private consortium - Industry Research Group: Composites for Sustainable Mobility (IRG CosiMo) - focusing on the development of materials and process technologies that will enable the high volume production of thermoplastic composites for both the aerospace and automotive markets has been launched.

ITA Augsburg IRG CosiMo
© Photo: ITA Augsburg
ITA Augsburg IRG CosiMo

Through a 3 year commitment, Premium Aerotec GmbH, Augsburg; Faurecia Clean Mobility GmbH, Offenbach/Germany; and Solvay SA, Brussels/Belgium; together with Institut für Textiltechnik Augsburg (ITA-Augsburg), Augsburg/Germany, will bring together their expertise, capabilities and resources to hit the R&D milestones set to meet the industry’s growth expectations and offer solutions for sustainable mobility. Composite adoption, industrialization and accelerating automotive and aerospace ramp rates are all key focus areas that will be addressed by the IRG CosiMo consortium.