Concepts for a circular economy

01.11.2018 20 players from the textile industry attended the information event and kickoff meeting of the Industry Research Group “Polymer Recycling” at the Institut für Textiltechnik (ITA) of RWTH Aachen University, Aachen/Germany, on October 2, 2018.

ITA Polymer recycling source ITA
© Photo: ITA
ITA Polymer recycling source ITA

Within the framework of the Industry Research Group (IRG), a consortium from along the textile value chain consisting of 10 companies from 7 countries and the ITA are conducting application-oriented and industrially oriented basic research.
The target group of the IRG “Polymer Recycling” consists of companies that deal with the subject of recycling in the textile industry - from plant constructors to material, fiber and textile manufacturers to producers of end products and recyclers. The consortium's vision is that 100% of all textile waste can be recycled. In the short term, relevant material streams in the textile industry will be analyzed with regard to recycling and, based on this, a concept for the detection and separation of different fiber materials will be developed. In the medium term, a plant technology will be developed that meets the industrial requirements for processing textile waste. In the long term, textile waste, also consisting of mixed fibers (e.g. cotton and polyester), is to be recycled and extruded into high-quality yarns by using chemical recycling.