Easier weather testing of interior and exterior components

29.07.2019 The supplier of textile testing solutions Atlas Material Testing Technology, Mount Prospect, IL/USA, has created the new Suntest XXL+ ST for easier weather testing of small- to midsized interior and exterior components, such as trim, gaskets and door handles. The components can be tested to SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) standards as well as OEM-specific standards.

© Photo: Atlas

Currently, research and quality labs use machines are designed to accommodate flat, standard-sized samples. Components, however, are dimensional and come in varying sizes and shapes. Testing them in a rotating rack requires a costly, time-consuming process of cutting each component into parts for samples. The Suntest XXL+ ST features an extra-large test chamber where components and materials can be easily arranged horizontally on a 79 cm x 37 cm test table. The chamber’s extended height of 44 cm allows for better control of irradiation and temperature conditions.
Additional SAE-specific features that come as standard on the equipment include a specimen front spray and back spray system – both of which are fully pre-programmed on the touchscreen controller.
Finally, the new Suntest instrument allows for shorter test times by using so-called extended UV filters. These filters transmit more short wavelength UV in to the test chamber than common daylight filters and therefore can promote further acceleration of the test.