high-volume fabric-cutting solution for automotive interiors

22.05.2018 The manufacturer of automotive interior components Yanfeng Global Automotive Interior Systems (YFAI), Shanghai/China, has adopted the Vector iX6 advanced fabric-cutting solution from the supplier of integrated technology solutions for textile and flexible materials, Lectra SA, Paris/France.

Lectra YFAI
© Photo: Lectra
Lectra YFAI

Equipped with a special cutting blade, Vector iX6’s ultra-precise cutting improves material utilization by minimizing buffer between parts. The solution’s superior cutting control software and high-frequency vibration cutting also enable a considerable improvement in productivity.

Growing consumer demand for personalization and customization is contributing to an overall increase in soft trim content in vehicle interior components. YFAI supplies a broad range of products spanning instrument panels, cockpit systems, door panels, floor consoles and overhead consoles, the majority of which incorporate vinyl and laminated woven fabric pieces. The Vector iX6 provided by Lectra is intended to help YFAI increase the capacity and fabric-cutting efficiency of its new vehicle program in Anting/China.