Innovate UK funding for hollow fiber research

11.10.2019 The supplier of extrusion technology Fibre Extrusion Technology Ltd. (FET), Leeds/UK, has successfully applied for grant funding for research into research in the field of hollow filament technology.

© Photo: FET
Feedback from recent projects has indicated that there is a growing market need for new and better hollow filament forms, produced from a range of technical polymer formulations, for use in areas such as filtration. In particular, there is a demand for small scale/pilot equipment for manufacturing high performance, hollow filaments for use in filter membranes and cartridge systems within the medical, healthcare, chemical and other technical sectors. To address these demands, FET has obtained grant funding from Innovate UK, Swindon/UK. The purpose is to carry out targeted industrial research into this technological field and create the data and know how to address this need within an 18-month time frame.