New digital cutting solution

16.04.2019 With the Versalis 2019, the supplier of integrated technology solutions for textile and flexible materials Lectra SA, Paris/France, revealed a new digital leather cutting solution. Adapted to automotive production needs and promising higher productivity and performance capabilities, Versalis 2019 offers solutions for Industry 4.0.

© Photo: Lectra
 With good cutting quality, value-added software, and complete range of services, Versalis 2019 improves productivity and nesting efficiency performance thanks to innovative equipment and software design based on customer participation and feedback. Cutting precision is improved substantially thanks to the use of a large pressure plate that flattens wrinkles before the start of the cutting operation to deliver a higher level of quality performance and production standardization.
Versalis 2019 integrates seamlessly with a company’s legacy IT systems. The addition of an application programming interface (API) connector ensures compatibility with existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) and manufacturing execution system (MES) to have access to production data and set dedicated key performance indicators (KPI).