Weaving preparation solutions

06.06.2019 The textile machinery manufacturer Stäubli International AG, Pfäffikon/Switzerland, will be showing a number of installations and solutions at its stand at the ITMA 2019.

© Photo: Stäubli
The highlights will be:
-    Safir drawing-in installation featuring AWC (active warp control)
-    2 warp tying installations
-    3 complete jacquard installations
-    an Alpha 500 carpet weaving system
-    plots with cam motions, rotary dobbies, jacquard
-    Industry 4.0 and spare parts corner
-    knitting solutions for socks.
The AWC was developed for the Safir drawing-in installations and is available in different configuration. Optical detection and measuring is the heat of the functional principle. The optical detection and control sensors are based on sophisticated algorithms. AWC manages color repeat of warp ends and leads to proper yarn sequence in warp sheet (e.g. with S/Z twist).
New cam motion models with 10 frames will be shown for even higher speeds in the production of basic fabrics.
Another novelty will be the new LXXL large format jacquard machine for heavy payloads and large format fabrics. Featuring the newly designed electronic concept (presented at the ITMA) it has the same depth than LXL with 40 module rows.
The Hew LX32 Jacquard machine for narrow fabrics is easy to integrate and has higher performance and reliability.
At the ITMA a new concept for  jacquard machinery for labeling will be shown. It will feature harnesses independent of the weaving machine. This machine support brands to prevent counterfeiting.
In the area of carpet weaving, the Alpha 500 machine for versatile carpets will be exhibited. It has a high flexibility, versatile binding technologies (low-pile weaving, used-look carpets, outdoor carpets) and features servo-driven frame weaving solution Unival 500 series.
For technical weaving the TF20 for complex fabrics will be shown. It was developed for reinforcing fabrics for lightweight applications, spacer fabrics and multi-layer fabrics – also with new types of structures and material mixes – and is a tailor-made machine.
At a separate exhibition stand controller and a D4S toe closing device for sock knitting will be shown. The controller allows quick reaction to market demands and is compatible with most commercially available operating system. The D4S toe closing device allows a very high production rate and is easy adaptable to different gauges.