Software for braiding configuration

09.05.2019 TexMind UG (haftungsbeschränkt) is a software company specialized in the development of software for engineering design, 3D visualization of textile structures.

Fig. 1 Simulated braid with a temporarily outside yarn and FEM simulation of a T-profile braid
© Photo: TexMind
Fig. 1 Simulated braid with a temporarily outside yarn and FEM simulation of a T-profile braid
During the Techtextil 2019 TexMind will present a new edition of the software “Braiding Machine Configurator” which was specially designed for braiding machines with computer control of the switches. These machines are able to produce braids with bifurcations and changes of the pattern or profile during braiding. The selection of the proper carrier arrangement and the states of the switches is a complicated task. With the software simulation of the carrier motion, this task can be solved iteratively without trials on the machine. The “Configurator” software acts as a “digital twin” of the machine; it performs collision checks and prepares 3D visualization of the new braided products. An integrated exporter to various FEM tools allows faster pre-processing of mechanical simulations of the products (Fig 1).

Another new product from TexMind is the 3D version of the “TexMind Warp Knitting Pattern Editor”. The 3D module allows visualization of the complex warp knitting pattern and significantly speeds up the development process. Fig. 2 demonstrates the 3D architecture of the yarns in a spacer warp knitted fabrics.

Fig. 2 Consituent elements of spacer warp knitted structure © Foto: TexMind
Fig. 2 Consituent elements of spacer warp knitted structure

A completely new software is presented by the package “Textile Circuit Generator” for the automatic generation of electric circuits, which arise when conductive yarns come into contact with textile structures. This TexMind software is able to model braided, knitted and woven structures as well as sewing stitches. The “Textile Circuit Generator” detects all contact points between the conductive yarns in these 3D modelled fabrics and generates an equivalent electric circuit. These circuits can be imported in specialized software and extended with batteries, LEDs, sensors etc. and can be used for performing of electric simulations. The “Textile Circuit Generator” is the first tool worldwide that significantly reduces the time of development of smart textiles.
Another new product is the TexMind software “Textile Viewer”. The “Viewer” is a free, compact, standalone version of the integrated viewer in all TexMind packages. It allows 3D visualization of any textile structures saved in the TexMind open TXM format or formats of partners’ software like TexGen, Wisetex and ReCo.
The 3D structures generated with the TexMind software, such as braids, warp and weft knits, woven fabrics and sewing stitches, can be sent to the customers or interested parties for training purposes and can be viewed as 3D objects.