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New R&D Facility

02.10.2019 The producer of polypropylene staple fibers, International Fibres Group Ltd. (IFG), Bradford/UK, has invested around € 1.3 million in a new R&D plant, positioned at IFG Asota in Linz/Austria.

Investment of €762 million in carbon fiber

30.09.2019 The manufacturer of fibers Hyosung Corp., Seoul/South Korea, plans to increase its annual output of carbon fiber from 2,000 to 24,000 tons by 2028 with a total investment of KRW 1 trillion (€762 million) by 2028.

New polyimide fiber

27.09.2019 The specialty chemicals company Evonik Industries AG, Essen/Germany, has developed a new generation of polyimide fibers.

Infinite possibilities for wearable solutions

28.08.2019 The producer of advanced fibers and composites, Teijin Ltd., Tokyo/Japan, promotes the development of wearable devices by integrating highly functional materials and sensing technologies.
Composite Germany

Continuing decline in composites business sentiment

20.08.2019 The trade association Composites Germany e.V. has released current key performance indicators (KPI) for the fiber-reinforced plastics market.

Zero plastic pellet and dust loss to safeguard the environment

14.08.2019 The manufacturer of synthetic fibers and yarns, RadiciGroup, Grandino/Italy, has expanded its Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) project – started up over one year ago in its engineering polymers business – to its Synthetic Fibers Business Area.
SGL Carbon

Sales increased in the first half-year 2019

14.08.2019 The carbon fiber producer SGL Carbon SE, Wiesbaden/Germany, increased sales by approx. 6 % to € 562 million driven by organic growth in the market segments Digitization, Energy, and Chemicals.
Oerlikon Manmade Fibers

Sales growth +18.5% in Q2/2019

06.08.2019 In the 2nd quarter (Q2) of 2019, the technology group Oerlikon Management AG saw order intake decrease year-on-year by 0.7% to CHF 672 million
Teijin Frontier

Easy-care silk-like polyester fabric

31.07.2019 Teijin Frontier Co.has developed a polyester fabric that looks and feels like fine silk

New elastic textile fibers based on CO2

24.07.2019 The specialty chemicals producer Covestro AG, Leverkusen/Germany, and the Institute of Textile Technology at RWTH Aachen University, Aachen/Germany, are developing a production process for elastic textile fibers based on CO2 and aim to make the innovative fibers ready for the market. They can be used for stockings and medical textiles, for example, and might replace conventional elastic fibers based on crude oil.

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