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2-for-1 twisting machine with innovation package

07.05.2019 The manufacturer of twisting and cabling machines, Saurer Technologies GmbH & Co. KG Twisting Solutions, Kempten/Germany, with the brands Allma and Volkmann, offers leading and energy efficient solutions for tire cord, carpet, staple fiber, glass filament and industrial yarns.

Customer specific IR solutions

07.05.2019 The custom made infrared heating solutions from Krelus AG, Oberentfelden/Switzerland, find applications e.g. in the areas of automotive, coating, embossing, laminating, thermoforming and pre-drying.

Functionalized inks for valve jet technology

09.05.2019 At the Techtextil, Tanatex Chemicals B.V., Ede/Netherlands, will show new products and concepts, such as Qi-tex, insect proof and more recently: functionalized inks for digital technology (valve jet printing).

Innovations and system solutions for enhanced sustainability and color

08.05.2019 The producer of dyes and specialty chemicals Archroma Management LLC, Reinach/Switzerland, offers a wide portfolio of dyes and chemicals aiming to increase sustainability and innovation along the entire value chain, from fiber to finish.
PHP Fibers

Innovative materials for a sustainable future

09.05.2019 The producer of high-tenacity filament yarns, PHP Fibers GmbH, Wuppertal/Germany, will be exhibiting its broad portfolio of polyamide (PA) and polyester (PET) filament yarns and (new from this year) fabrics at the Techtextil. As at the last events, the company will represent the Indorama Ventures Group, Bangkok/Thailand, together with various sister companies.

Protective and functional textiles

09.05.2019 The range of products of Profabriq GmbH, Hof/Germany, covers protective and functional textiles of all kinds.

PUR hot melt adhesives not subject to GHS labelling

09.05.2019 The focus of the trade fair appearance of Jowat SE, Detmold/Germany, at the Techtextil was innovative PUR hot melt adhesive for the automotive and textile industries.
Techtextil Innovation Awards 2019

Sustainability category has 2 winners for the first time

23.05.2019 7 companies have been presented with the renowned Techtextil Innovation Awards for textile products distinguished by a particularly high level of innovation.
Barnet Europe

Tech Fiber Upcycling – from a vest into a car

06.05.2019 Sustainability is gaining in importance in our society. Where resources are scarce and materials are difficult to obtain, the qualitative reprocessing of waste takes on a new meaning.
Gebrüder Otto

Yarns for novel technical textiles

09.05.2019 In recent years Gebrüder Otto GmbH & Co. KG, Dietenheim/Germany, which is known for its high-quality natural fiber yarns and threads, has increasingly established itself in the area of technical yarns and textiles.

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