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In 2020 we will be starting our new, up-to-the-minute portal nonwovensTRENDS.com. In addition, there will be a regular nonwovensTRENDS newsletter as well as a print product (nonwovensTRENDS) 5 times per year.

Discover the 1st Edition of nonwovensTrends – our trade journal for and about the international nonwovens industry: 1st Edition November 4, 2019

Both the trade magazine and the portal cover news from the industry, markets, fibers and auxiliaries, the production of nonwovens, nonwovens processing for all industries and nonwovens machinery, as well as the application areas of nonwovens (e.g. technical textiles, the hygiene industry and wipes).
nonwovensTRENDS – New platform for the nonwovens industry

The lead article of Technical Textiles / Technische Textilien, issue 5/2019 is also about the new platform nonwovensTRENDS:

nonwovensTRENDS - New platform for the nonwovens industry

For more than 60 years, in our journal Technical Textiles/Technische Textilen we have been reporting on the most innovative and exciting field in the textile industry – and we have been doing so with specialist journalistic competence in the fields of textile technology. Over the past decades, the trade journal has accompanied all structural changes in the global technical textile industry and provided orientation on the most interesting developments.
With nonwovensTRENDS we are taking the next logical step, and are once again supplementing our offer.

...Into the future!

Claudia van Bonn, who has been editor-in-chief of all publications of the dfv media group in the area of textile technical journals since April 2009, together with fellow textile engineer Mechthild Maas, is leading the magazine Technical Textiles/Technische Textilen into the digital age.
We have expanded our online publishing services and founded the techtextrends.com platform at the beginning of 2019.
In the future, the portfolio of our topics in the nonwovens segment, which continues to grow in importance, will be broadly expanded. For nonwovens in the area of technical textiles, hygiene and wipes, we now offer news from research, industry and associations – bundled in the new trade journal nonwovensTRENDS, the first edition of which is attached to this issue of Technical Textiles/Technische Textilien. nonwovensTRENDS will in future be published 5 times a year in English and German together with Technical Textiles/Technische Textilien as well as being available individually.
We, the editorial staff of Technical Textiles/Technische Textilien, prepare all current topics from the industry for you and report on the trends and developments in these exiting markets. As expert textile engineers with many years of journalistic experience, we provide in-depth information on all nonwovens-related topics. The focus is as much on nonwovens mechanical engineering as on wipes, technical textiles, the hygiene industry and processors from all relevant sectors. In addition, the new trade magazine will provide information on trade fairs and conferences.
From 2020, our new industry portal nonwovensTRENDS.com will also be launched, where current international news and researched reports on nonwovens will be published in English. The portal is complemented by a regular English-language newsletter nonwovensTRENDS.

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