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Durable, bio-based fibers

Revealing the potential of hemp-based textile materials

Hemp fibers are receiving increasing interest as potential durable alternative for the widespread usage of cotton and flax fibers. 
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World fiber production 2018

The Fiber Year 2019

The latest edition of the textile yearbook “The Fiber Year 2019“ was presented during Techtextil in Frankfurt by the Fiber Year GmbH, Speicher/Switzerland.
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ITMA 2019

Innovations in machinery for technical textiles

The ITMA 2019 which took place in Barcelona/Spain was an extraordinarily successful exhibition in terms of the number of exhibitors, visitors, and presented innovations. In line with the general trend towards global electronic networking affecting all areas of life, numerous exhibitors introduced software solutions for the realization of Industry 4.0.
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Circular economy solution for flame-retardant protective clothing

From textiles, valuable individual components can be recovered at the end of their service life. This is especially true for personal protective equipment, which often consists of complex material blends. So far, no processing method for the successful production of new products from these is known. This goal was achieved in a sophisticated recycling approach, which is demonstrated by the treatment of flame-retardant blended fabrics.
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Flame-retardant polyamides for textile applications

The intrinsically flame-retardant polyamide fibers developed at the DITF are suitable for a wide range of textile applications. In addition to the primary objective of achieving a high and permanent flame-retardant effect for polyamide 6 (PA 6), the textiles obtained from these fibers show very good material properties.
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Technical Textiles 01/2019, March 2019

Industry 4.0: Status quo of implementation in practice and future trends in roll manufacturing

Hardly any other term has become as much known in recent years as the term "industry 4.0". New topics such as "Big Data" and "Artificial Intelligence", or "AI" for short, are being added and are focusing on the comprehensive and value-adding use of the comprehensively available data worlds.
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Urban Living and sustainability a major topic

With the special event “Urban Living – City of the Future”, the international trade fair for technical textiles and nonwovens, Techtextil, and the international trade fair for processing textile and flexible materials, Texprocess, both taking place in Frankfurt/Germany from May 14-17, 2019, are dedicating a separate themed area to life in the city of the future.
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Research and Markets

Technical textile market: Global opportunity analysis and industry forecast, 2018 – 2025

The global technical textile market was valued at $234.7 billion in 2017, and is projected to reach $335 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 4.5% from 2018 to 2025.
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Techtextil/Texprocess 2019

Integrated textile processing

During the international trade fair for technical textiles and nonwovens Techtextil and the Texprocess, trade fair for processing textile and flexible materials on Mai 14-17, 2019 in Frankfurt/Germany the focus is also on individualization, automatization and digitalization.
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Idvag Ltd.

Vacuum metallized black coating with no inks or dyes

A new innovative product to the security, decorative, textile, packaging and solar market has been introduced by the vacuum R&D specialist Idvac Ltd., Manchester/UK. The new product is an elegant black coating with bright metallic reflection finish.
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Technical Textiles 01/2019, March 2019

Tufted fabrics from 100% glass (TFI/Groz-Beckert)

Currently, tufted floorcoverings are used exclusively as a traditional carpet floorcovering, in the automotive sector and for artificial lawns. To date there have been no real tufted structures found in the field of technical textiles. This could be set to change. As part of the project "Functional and highly thermally resistant tufted fabrics for use in the field of technical textiles (high-performance tufted structures) IGF 19050 N", the TFI Institute for Floor Systems at the RWTH Aachen e.V., Aachen/Germany, succeeded together with Groz-Beckert KG, Albstadt/Germany, and other partners to make tufted fabrics from 100% glass.
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TRENDBOOK Technical Textiles 2018/2019

The importance of recycling for the areas of application of technical textiles (TU Wien)

On December 2, 2015 the European Commission launched a circular economy package (CEP). By the end of 2017 the European Council of Ministers, member of the European Parliament and representatives of the EU Commission had agreed on the key points of the circular economy package. The intention of the CEP includes, on the one hand, improvements of environmental protection and, on the other hand, a strengthening of the economy as well as the creation of new jobs.
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Technical Textiles 5/2018, December 2018

Warp-knitted textiles for space satellites (Institute of Textile Technology at the RWTH Aachen University (ITA), Aachen/Germany)

Space reflectors are the part of satellites that receive and transmit the signals. They act in a similar way to satellite dishes on the roofs of houses. A parabolic dish bundles the electromagnetic waves together and reflects them toward antennas arranged in the center.
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Man-Made Fiber Year Book 2018, October 2018

Basalt – technical fiber for civil applications

This article gives information about the forms and applications of volcanic rock fiber (basalt fibers) for civil applications. Volcanic lava solidifies to produce basalt rock. The crushing of volcanic rock gives basalt fiber. Basalt fiber is light weight, has high strength and requires high temperature to melt.
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